Julie and JD started Immortal Casket Co. in the fall of 2014. Having a long held fascination with Victoriana, the Old West, and Gothic culture in its many forms throughout the centuries, Julie and JD chose coffins and caskets as the medium to express their vision of how life and death interweave.

Following the passing of Julie's father in 2012, Julie and JD took a road trip to get away. The open roads of Eastern Oregon, Idaho and Montana gave them time to just be together and look at the Big Sky over the two-lane road. They found themselves visiting many ghost towns and pioneer cemeteries in the off season. This gave them time to linger and walk quietly among the dead. Julie and JD were struck by the way people chose to remember their dead in those frontier towns. From handmade headstones to wooden picket fences around a gravesite, it is hard not to be moved in solitude among the pines under the dry heat of the midday sun. Many of the headstones and other markers had deteriorated a great deal in more than 100 years of hot summers and brutally cold winters. In some cases the names couldn't be made out - calling to mind the ritual destruction of the Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandala. There is a kind of anonymity that comes to us all...but it is no less worth marking our remembrance.

This trip planted the seed that would inspire Julie and JD to make these vessels. Each piece is an artistic pursuit that, like the Sand Mandala, is made with painstaking effort on every level from the design and construction to the finish, leafing, and richly layered upholstery. Only then to be lowered into the ground. This is our tribute to the fleeting nature of our mortality and to those who came before us.

Each piece is a completely custom design. We will build two to four per year as time allows and they will be offered for sale as they become available.  


Thank you for your interest.