The Charon

The Charon coffin is custom made using cabinet grade materials from local Portland, Oregon vendors.  It has been hand painted using multiple colors and layers of paint, adding extra texture once distressed.  The Charon coffin has been finished with a heavy duty varnish to protect the gold leafing.  The rich, heavy inner coffin upholstery fabrics we use range from Brocade, Satin, Silk and Damask. We love to utilize the use of decorative upholstery nails both for function and decoration.  And of course, we always include an abundant amount of fringes, tassels and grosgrain ribbon whenever possible. The Charon also includes a fully functioning hood covering the viewing window, which includes a door knob and locking mechanism.  The majority of our coffin/casket supplies are purchased locally in the Portland area.

Please use the email form in the Contact and Information page for any specific questions about this coffin regarding materials, sizing, and price, etc.

Thank you!